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The Reign of Ivan and Matilde Begins!








Closing of the Inne
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Their Highnesses travel to the Shire of Coldwood to celebrate the summer’s harvest and partake in its bounty. Their gratitude to Baron Stephen and Baroness Ellen du Grandchamp for welcoming so many gentles to their Estate is matched only by the warmth and kindness of their hosts.

A funny thing happened to St. Andrew on the way to the forum- An Investiture
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Their Highnesses follow St. Andrew to the seven hills this day. They will attend Their Majesties and lend their support to the outgoing and invested Barons and Baronesses of An Dubhaigeainn. Join us in the Forum where the finest of Roman arts and gladiatorial combat will be on display!

Brennan & Caoilfhionn’s Ducal Challenges
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The hand’s joy in the blow is made real as tournament season begins! Royal Advisors Duke Brennan and Duchess Caoilfhionn have issued challenges to the armored and rapier combatants of the East. As every gentle who takes up a challenge must showcase their favorite artisan, this event is dear to Their Highnesses, offering the best of this noble Kingdom of the East!

Pennsic War

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WAR is upon us! All good citizens are urged to make their way to the Lake of the Coopers in service to the Crown, to fight with our allies against all foes. This is what we have trained for! Whatever your talent may be – with a sword, rapier, axe, bow, hammer, blade, needle, instrument, teaching, service – come! Fight! Win!

Great Northeastern War

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Their Highnesses travel to the mighty Province of Malagentia for more practice at War. Many War Points will be sought by might of arm, aim of the eye, craft of the hand, timbre of the voice and service of the heart. Will you rally to win victory for your side? May might be for right by the sinister hand of our Prince!

Northern Region War Camp
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It is time for the Northern Region to prepare for War. Their Highnesses will reinforce Their Majesty’s efforts to prepare our Kingdom to take on all enemies. Heavy fighting, fencing, archery, thrown weapons and our A&S champs must all be ready! Come and test your mettle with us in the Shire of Glenn Linn!

Les Beltaines

Les Beltaines

Photo by Cindy Hachey. View the entire album and you will want to attend!
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Photo album, Les Beltaines 2015 by Cindy Hachey

La grande aventure se poursuit!!! The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Tir Mara are so very thrilled to be visiting Havre des Glaces and the Duche de Bicolline! Their Royal Highnesses and the Royal Princes will travel north with their retinue to visit dear old friends, make many new friends and enjoy the hospitality of the principality. It is hoped that many gentles from the southern regions will join them.


Artisan’s Village & Brewer’s University

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Artisan’s Village & Brewer’s University

Artisans’ Village

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Spring raids have been a success and our community will fare well until the harvest. It is time now to celebrate all that makes life worth living – our artisans, our brewers, our family and friends. Join Their Highnesses for a simple feast and a hearty celebration!



Southern Region War Camp

Russian Eagles and Knots Ornament
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War looms and we must prepare our force to fight alongside our neighbors and allies. The Southern Region Army must rally and test their mettle for the coming storm! Their Highnesses trek south to support Their Majesty’s forces in spirit and arm.

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