Harvest Festival

Their Royal Majesties travel to Ruantallan to celebrate the end of the harvest season with deeds of arms, art by the hands, tales and songs from the heart and the joy of children. Celebrate this magical time with Them and the gentles of this fine northern Barony.

Tournament of the Roses

Her Majesty joins all of the amazing women whom have guided, supported, sponsored, encouraged and inspired so many in our Society in a day of tournament. Join Her and the Roses as they celebrate honor, art, chivalry, prowess and camaraderie in our great Kingdom.

Njal’s Saga

Love!  Hate!  Feuds!  Battles!  Fire!  The Law!  Did I mention feuds? Well, then, FEUDS! His Majesty travels to the Kingdom of Aethelmearc to immerse Himself in the greatest Icelandic saga – the Story of Burnt Njal. If you love the tales of old then come and hear this epic told.


An unexpected illness has gripped our beloved King and Queen. While we pray for Their swift recovery we must be prepared for all possible futures. Their Heirs have set aside this date to step up to serve the mighty Kingdom of the East should it become necessary.

Closing of the Inne

Their Highnesses travel to the Shire of Coldwood to celebrate the summer’s harvest and partake in its bounty. Their gratitude to Baron Stephen and Baroness Ellen du Grandchamp for welcoming so many gentles to their Estate is matched only by the warmth and kindness of their hosts.