Northern Region War Camp

It is time for the Northern Region to prepare for War. Their Highnesses will reinforce Their Majesty’s efforts to prepare our Kingdom to take on all enemies. Heavy fighting, fencing, archery, thrown weapons and our A&S champs must all be ready! Come and test your mettle with us in the Shire of Glenn Linn!

Les Beltaines

La grande aventure se poursuit!!! The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Tir Mara are so very thrilled to be visiting Havre des Glaces and Duche de Bicolline! Their Royal Highnesses and the Royal Princes will travel north with their retinue to visit dear old friends, make many new friends and enjoy the hospitality of the principality. It is hoped that many gentles from the southern regions will join them.

Artisan’s Village & Brewer’s University

Spring raids have been a success and our community will fare well until the harvest. It is time now to celebrate all that makes life worth living – our artisans, our brewers, our family and friends. Join Their Highnesses for a simple feast and a hearty celebration!

Southern Region War Camp

War looms and we must prepare our force to fight alongside our neighbors and allies. The Southern Region Army must rally and test their mettle for the coming storm! Their Highnesses trek south to support Their Majesty’s forces in spirit and arm.

Bhakail Investiture and King’s & Queen’s Rattan Championships

Our Heirs journey south to attend Emperor Ioannes and Empress Honig. Their Majesties have decreed that the Barony of Bhakail shall have a new Baron and Baroness and shall invest them on June 3, 2017. The Royal Family also seek a new Champion at Arms, and believe the sunny southern region holds great promise. Join us and lend support to the great warriors of the East!

Wars of the Roses

Having won the Tournament for the Crown, our Heirs seek to forge alliances across the Known World. They travel first to 15th century England to see for themselves which way the swirling wind will blow, and to whom they should lend the might of their hands, hearts and minds.