King’s and Queen’s Rapier Championship

Champions are sought! All who would represent Their Majesties Ivan and Matilde with honor in the rapier lists will make their way to the Shire of Buckland Cross and fight for the chance to serve as King’s Champion or Queen’s Champion. Pride, determination, excellence and nobility will win the day.

Yule Revel in Renaissance Germany

Tsar Ivan and Tsaritsa Matilde are overjoyed to be celebrating Yule in Renaissance Germany this year thanks to the Barony of Bhakail! Much merriment will be had in the hall as we dance, sing, make merry, enjoy a brewing competition and a challenge to the artists of the region. From the library to the ratskellar, They hope you will consider joining Them to celebrate Yule in a way only we in the modern middle ages can.

BBM/Bergental Yule

Beyond the Mountain there lies a Barony. This haven from the winds and creeping cold, along with their good friends to the north in Bergental, welcome Their Majesties and all who wish to take comfort among kindred spirits. Join Them in feasting, song, dance, marshal activities, arts and gratitude for the warmth of a friendly hall as the season of Yule begins.

100 Minutes War

The Tsaritsa has declared she will attend war! 100 Minutes of War to test the mettle of the Eastern warriors will bring Her to the Shire of Rusted Woodlands. Winter may be coming, but we must ever be vigilant. His Majesty will be watching and celebrating the prowess and chivalry of those who rise valiantly this day.

St. Eligius Arts and Sciences Competition

Their Majesties travel to the Barony of Dragonship Haven to celebrate the arts in one of our Kingdom’s premiere Arts and Sciences events. Join Them along with Their Excellencies Joseph and Brose to celebrate art, enjoy stimulating conversation and share knowledge among the finest craftsmen and researchers in the East.