Punctuality is a virtue!

The Queen’s photography tax is in effect. Please share your photos with us or tag us so that we may enjoy them.

Pageantry makes us happy.

Children and our young adults are extremely important. Include them. Be role models.

Reach out to newcomers and be kind.

His Highness is a 12th century Rus warrior from Novgorod.
Colors are royal blue, black and argent.
Likes: Vodka, coffee, smokey Siberian tea and simple faire
Dislikes: Olives

Her Highness is a 12th century Noble woman from England that is currently time traveling mostly to Roman times and now 12th century Novgorod. Her favorite color is orange but prefers to wear jewel tones.
Likes: dark coffee, Gin & Tonics are life, pineapple is period
Dislikes: lamb, veal , red wine and apples.

Our 2 boys are 14 and 12, known as Sven and Ragnarr Ivanson. Please note that Ragnarr has a shellfish allergy.