Their Highnesses would like to welcome all members of the populace to consider retaining. It’s a great way to get involved, meet people and get a glimpse of how things work in a Royal Household. Newcomers are especially encouraged!

What does a retainer do? He or she spends a couple of hours at an event in the presence of a Royal, ensuring that He or She has whatever is needed to keep them comfortable and on task during the long day of an event. Water, food, tissues, shade, umbrellas, note-taking, errands – all are possible tasks for a retainer. You may be still, such as standing in court, or much more likely you’ll be moving about an event greeting people, visiting guild meetings, encouraging artists and fighters, and thanking those who are serving others by working the event.

If that sounds intriguing to you, please sign up for the mail list at As each event approaches we will put out a call for retainers to submit their names and availability. Our Head Retainer, Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorn, will then publish the schedule and coordinate with you on the day. Thank you!

Yours in Service,