Map of Björkö, late 17th century, from Suecia antiqua et hodierna. Engraving by Willem Swidde. Public Domain.
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Fighting! Fencing! Youth combat! Classes! Parties! Hafla! Ball! SHOPPING! And most importantly, Good Friends. Come to Birka in the stalwart Barony of Stonemarche for this annual conference of medievalists. Find friends old and new at every turn, test your mettle in the bear pit or shop the day away. Their Majesties will entertain Royal Guests at afternoon court where they will honor many deserving gentles of the Kingdom – They hope you join Them for a highlight of the winter reign.

Kingdom Curia will be held Sunday morning for all those wishing to attend.

String Thynge – a Schola of All Things String

Caer Adamant Logo
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String slingers attend! The Shire of Caer Adamant will be hosting Their Majesties in a schola of all thyngs string! Come and learn that rare art which has made Her Majesty giggle in delight and share the joys of companionship in our most southern shire.

Kingdom 12th Night

Illumination of a Feast, British Manuscript Library: Additional 42130 f. 208 Feast

British Manuscript Library: Additional 42130 f. 208 Feast
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The People of Endewearde seek to shine light in the darkness with music, dance, arts and feasting. Their Majesties will follow the light as the Wise Men once did, and enjoin the festivities to celebrate their Populace and the coming season of plenty.

Yule Revel in Renaissance Germany

Barony of Bhakail Device
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Tsar Ivan and Tsaritsa Matilde are overjoyed to be celebrating Yule in Renaissance Germany this year thanks to the Barony of Bhakail! Much merriment will be had in the hall as we dance, sing, make merry, enjoy a brewing competition and a challenge to the artists of the region. From the library to the ratskellar, They hope you will consider joining Them to celebrate Yule in a way only we in the modern middle ages can.

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