Their Royal Majesties

Ivan & Matilde

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Welcome to the digital palace of
Tsar Ivan and Tsaritsa Matilde of the East Kingdom!

Prince Ivan

Ivan Ivanov
syn Dimitriov vynuk Tzardikov


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Their Royal Majesties

Sven and Ragnarr

Sven & Ragnarr

Upcoming Events

King’s and Queen’s Arts & Sciences and Bardic Championships

The Crown Province of Ostgardr is honored to host Their Majesties upon the occasion of selection of the new Arts and Sciences and Bardic Arts Champions. Come and experience the best our Artisans and Performers have to share with Their beloved Kingdom. It will be a day of delights!

AEdult Swim III

Fight with His Majesty at this “Extra Large Super Sized Heavy and Rapier Practice!” Their Majesties will join with hundreds of others for two days of fighting, fencing, classes and socializing at this very popular event hosted by our fine neighbors to the West. Be there to test your mettle!

Estrella War

Her Majesty Matilde travels to the fair lands of Atenveldt to attend the Estrella War, accompanied by His Royal Highness Prince Brennan. Weasties will unite in fun and frivolity – will you be among them? 

Gulf Wars

The Royal Household of Ivan and Matilde will encamp at Gulf Wars and see to it that we make no enemies! Friendship, camaraderie, fun, feasting – these will be the quests of each day! Will you join the populace encamped in these pursuits?


Their Majesties are told the Nowruz comes to the Swamp! And so they too must go and experience this festival celebrating the vernal equinox. Indoors and out our hosts will provide activities for martial activities, arts &  sciences, and youth. Please come and enjoy Tsar Ivan and Tsaritsa Matilde’s last full event in the place that brought them Their Crowns.

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