Their Royal Majesties

Ivan & Matilde

Knotwork arch

Welcome to the digital palace of
Tsar Ivan and Tsaritsa Matilde of the East Kingdom!

Prince Ivan

Ivan Ivanov
syn Dimitriov vynuk Tzardikov


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Their Royal Majesties

Sven and Ragnarr

Sven & Ragnarr

Upcoming Events

Owlsherst Country Twelfth Night

Who will be crowned the King and Queen of Misrule? Will it be our fair King and Queen? Come and enjoy the King Cake with His Majesty, along with armored combat, fencing, entertainment, dancing, music and of course a fine dayboard and feast.


Fighting! Fencing! Youth combat! Classes! Parties! Hafla! Ball! SHOPPING! And most importantly, Good Friends. Come to Birka in the stalwart Barony of Stonemarche for this annual conference of medievalists. Find friends old and new at every turn, test your mettle in the bear pit or shop the day away. Their Majesties will entertain Royal Guests at afternoon court where they will honor many deserving gentles of the Kingdom – They hope you join Them for a highlight of the winter reign. 

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